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January is well and truly here with frost and sub-zero temperatures.  Therefore, it’s a vital time to consider what is needed to be done to protect your boat over the winter & prevent any unnecessary frost damage by taking the initiative to act now!

Engine, Fuel System & Batteries

Winterising the engines whether inboard, outboard or jetski will make sure that there is no threat from water left in the cooling systems, which could freeze and cause fatal damage like fracturing exhaust manifolds and engine blocks.  We will drain any water where necessary and run anti-freeze in to vulnerable areas as required.

We’ll then fill up your diesel fuel tanks and add fuel stabiliser to your petrol tanks!  Attending to this now will prevent any issues when you start boating again next season.  The most common problem and contaminant is water, generally building up from condensation.  Water in your fuel can lead to blockage of the filters and a reduction in the fuels performance.  Water can seriously damage parts of your engine such as the injectors or the seals and gaskets.  Diesel fuel has inherent bacteria and when water is added these bacteria are able to breed.  If this ‘bug’ is allowed to grow, it will eventually form into sludge and ultimately will block up filters and could lead to expensive damage of equipment.

Your marine batteries are more expensive than the usual car batteries, so they need to be looked after.  Batteries are not immune to damage and require correct storage whilst not in use.  To prevent your batteries from discharging and suffering from internal damage due to being left unattended over the winter, it is recommended to have someone oversee your charging system by checking battery levels & testing your charging equipment making sure your system doesn’t fail.  This forward thinking will put a smile on your face when you attend your boat at the start of the new season, knowing you will have healthy batteries and the knowledge that you can get out on to the water immediately as soon as the sun starts shining again.