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Yanmar Installation

After around 15 years the old Yanmar 2GM20 required some attention, after some thought the owner decided to take the plunge and opt for a new engine, The Yanmar 2YM20. The 2YM20 is an ideal replacement for the 2GM20 as it has the same foot print!

After assisting the owner for a couple of the hours the old engine was ready for a crane out, this was done with the crane at Premier Brighton marina. Once the engine was lifted from the boat we had plenty of room to get in the engine space, we took full advantage of this and replaced all the sound proofing, gave the bilges a good degrease and clean then applied a couple of coats of International Damblin, this is very important, not only does it make the engine space look a lot more presentable but it makes spotting engine leaks a lot easier!

West Marine Services - Yanmar

As with all repowers we replaced all auxiliary systems, this included the exhaust system for which we used 50mm Vetus flexible hose and a Vetus 50mm water lock / exhaust muffler, the controls which was replaced with a Morse control, battery cables, sea water inlet cock and sea water strainer and most importantly an Vetus anti syphon valve which was fitted to the pressure side of the raw water system. 

With all the new systems in place we craned the in the new Yanmar 2YM20 and plumbed it in, with the engine in placed the yacht was launched and allowed to relax in for 48 hours, this was to allow for the correct alignment of the engine, although an R and D flexible coupling was fitting its always good practice to et the alignment spot on!

Next was the fun part, the sea trial! We motored the yacht out the marina entrance, gave the engine a quick once over then motored down to the Palace pier and back to her berth.

The owner plans on sailing down to Barcelona in the summer now with the peace of mind of a New Yanmar 2YM20 as back up!