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Webasto 80mm thermoduct insulation 750mm


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Webasto Thermoduct is constructed using 3M Thinsulate, the Market Leader in Thermal Insulation Material.

The material is stitched into 750mm long tubes and is designed to slide directly over warm air ducting, providing exceptional thermal insulating properties. ? Warm air ducting can disipate over 70% of its heat along its length resulting in inefficient cabin vientilation and warm lockers and belongings kept in them! With 3M ThinsulateTM insluation the heat gets to the vent outlet rather than being lost within the ducting, therefore raising the cabin temperature quicker and saving in running costs and power consumption. The external temperature of uninsulated ducting during normal operation can reach 100?C, with Thermoduct fitted, the external temprature is reduced to 30 – 35?C making the heater more efficient.

During trials on the efficiency of this product, it was discovered that it can improve the thermal efficency by up to 135%.


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